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LGPLv3GPLv2+CEGratipay Tips

A Java to JavaScript compiler and runtime for the web, and soon NodeJS.


The Compiler module is licensed under the LGPLv3 and provides functionality via a GUI or as a library you can integrate with your own projects.

JS Runtime

This is where the magic happens, several low level classes such as Object, Error, Exception, Throwable and so on are implemented here, as well as the classpath and runtime compiler.

For speed and efficiency, as many low level classes and mechanisms as possible are implemented entirely in 100% JavaScript, and more may be migrated from the Java Runtime as time goes on.

Java Runtime

The actual Java Runtime is based on OpenJDK 6, as such this component is licensed under Oracle's revised GPLv2 with a classpath extension.

We also include in it a bridge for accessing and manipulating JavaScript objects as described above.